Tuesday 24 April 2007

Dear Toshiba

It's really annoying to be sent a customer satisfaction survey that doesn't work - it gives a server error when I press submit. Not very professional.

And the incentive - to be entered in a draw for a 1GB flashdrive with the rule that entries must be received by 31 Jan 2007 - not very professional either. And it makes you look like cheapskates too. A 1GB drive must be worth about £4. I bet each completed response costs you 5 - 10 times that.

The URL for the survey (www.c-f-1.com) resolves to Communicator Corp. Is Communicator Corp responsible for your malformed website alert messages too? These come as a string of html but aren't interpreted properly (MIME type needed?). Not even the hyperlinks work - they have to be cut and pasted into a browser.

The good news is that the equipment is much better than the marketing and customer satisfaction malarkey would suggest.

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