Wednesday 31 December 2008

UK Euro watch - December 2008

Here are some of the stories regarding possible UK entry to European Economic and Monetary Union from the BBC in December:

01 Dec: Strange times as eurozone woos UK Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the EU Commission, says that the UK is reappraising the euro because of the credit crunch

03 Dec: Mandelson rejects euro talk claim Lord Mandelson denies telling Mr Barroso

04 Dec: Pound hits new low against euro £1 equivalent to EUR 1.148 after the Bank of England cut its official bank rate to 2%

14 Dec: Pound 'buying less than a Euro' Bureau de change offering EUR197.13 for £200

22 Dec: 'Euro tourists' crossing border Northern Ireland shopkeepers enjoying a boom; some offering direct 1.00 EUR = £1 price conversion

and from November:

27 Nov: Are Danes warming to the euro? Prime Minister Rasmussen thinks it's a good idea