Wednesday 29 October 2025

iPhone and web apps

This blog entry is a pointer to the other non-banking projects that I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Smart phones and tablet devices bring lots of possibilities; here are three that I've turned into realities:

TitleWhat it doesTypeLink
Grayshott e-GuideGuide to local businesses and organisationsiOS free
Web appeGuide
FirkinApp The smarter way to read a beer festival beer listiOS free
Web appFirkin Web App
Dinner Divider Work out fair shares for the bill for dinner, taking into account any kitty and the tipsiOS free
Dinner Divider Ad-FreeLike Dinner Divider but without the ads iOS paid

There's more on the dedicated support blog pages

Update 04/01/2016 - now looking at rewriting the iOS versions using Swift.

Originally published 29/10/2014.