Friday 28 October 2011

Solution for the Global Tech scam?

Getting really fed up with the interruptions to my working day caused by calls from the Microsoft Windows Global Tech scammers. They phone up and try to convince you that your computer is infected (by getting you to look at the Event Log, which they reckon will scare you).

They ignore Telephone Preference Service registrations.  They claim to be operating from Baker Street in London but the phone calls sound as though they're coming from a very long way away.  A legitimate company working in the UK would not be making unsolicited sales calls to a TPS registered line.  The scammers don't take any notice of polite requests to desist from making these nuisance calls.

They offer to help by taking control of your computer, in return for a credit card charge.

Since we can't send a jolt of current back up the line to them, another solution is needed. It seems to me that the credit card companies are the critical link and by accepting payments for the scammers, they are facilitating the scam.  If people who've been caught out then report the scam to their credit card company, we may see some progress (and fewer annoying calls).

There's more useful information about other peoples' experiences on the Conflict International site (the blog is closed for comments).

You can register your phones with the Telephone Preference Service free of charge at - don't be misled by others who offer you a paid service that purports to do the same thing.